You’ve done too much, much too young

If you recognise the lyrics, you are old, like me. “Too much, too young” by the Specials, released 1979.

It’s easy to do

First you become a First Aid trainer. That needs a teaching, assessing and competency qualification.

After a while you realise that you need to teach Paediatric First Aid, which may require you taking a Paediatric course.

Then Outdoor. Except that that is not so easy as some places require an Advanced Outdoor qualification.

Then you think “Oh, this goes hand in hand with Mental Health First Aid” – and that‘s another course.

ILS…Fire…Safety….Pet…First Aid for Children

Then you realise that some of these need Annual Refreshers, so that is more time out to keep the qualification current

Then there’s the kit. “How much for half a dog manikin??” and where to store it

Suddenly you are spreading yourself too thinly, your Marketing is all over the place as you jump from one subject to another. All your profit goes on additional kit and storage and you are doing nothing well.

It’s so easy to think that the more variety you can teach the more in demand you will be, but actually you will become that clichéd Jack / Jill of all trades and Master of none.

Focus on what you are good at and only once you are established should you consider expanding your skill set, and then only a step at a time.

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