Look after your broom

Trigger: There’s an old saying: “look after your broom”.

Rodney: And your broom will look after you?

Trigger: No Dave, just look after your broom.

New brooms

Wisdom from the inimitable Trigger. He’s right, though. A broom is an inanimate object. It’s never going to look after you. It does pay to look after it, though. We all know it is common sense to look after our equipment, whether it is training equipment, IT, transport or ourselves.

Rodney is also right, however. Especially when it come to clients and prospects, and even ex-clients.

They say that bad news goes around the world before good news gets out of bed. The other cliché is to be nice to people on the way up as you will meet them on the way back down. No-one told Michael O’Leary, Boss of Ryanair that, but it is a good way to live.

  • Look after your clients – current, past and future. Don’t Ghost.
    • Don’t just send out their Certificates. Thank them, ask for referrals and recommendations
    • If you lose out on a tender / quote, drop them a line thanking them and make it clear you are open to future discussions, even if now is not the right time
  • Be nice to everyone. If you are on site, everyone is important and can make or break a revisit

If you get an enquiry that is not right for you, turn them down politely. Refer them on. If you are nice, they will remember and may come back when circumstances change.

Oh, and do look after your broom…laptop…projector…manikins. IT doesn’t like being in a damp vehicle overnight. Learners recoil from grubby manikins, tops, kit. They may not say anything to your face, but they know.

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