If you are looking at becoming a First Aid Trainer, or have recently started out, it’s a tough world out there. Finding new clients, running the Business whilst you are teaching, and getting visible on Google. All that whilst being paid a Freelancer fee, whereas if you have your own clients you have more control, more autonomy – and double the income for virtually the same amount of work. If you can find it, that is….

I’ve been there, done that and can help you shortcut to a better lifestyle and profitable Business. Nowadays it is very easy to qualify as a First Aid Trainer – get a Teaching and Assessing qualification (1 week), take a First Aid at Work course (3 days), buy some manikins and a few other bits and you are good to go.

Because it is so easy, there are always plenty of people thinking they will make a go of it so you will have some stiff competition. Let me help you stand out. For a monthly fee you will get the following:

Lead generation

I guarantee you at least one lead per month. These are warm enquiries where someone has a need for a First Aid course. Of course, if you get Booked and deliver a good course they will be back within 3 years for further courses. The profit on this on its own will more than cover the monthly fee, never mind any repeats further down the line.

The small print: Guarantee of at least 1 lead per month for a prospective client within 100 miles of your base. It is down to you to quote and Close the deal, but I can provide you with template email quotes. The leads are non-exclusive and go out to all mentored Trainers. If no lead is generated in a calendar month then you will receive the next month’s mentoring for free. Geographic restrictions may apply. For example if you are not based on the mainland it probably won’t work.

Website Search engine optimisation – show up on Google searches

I know how to optimise a website to help it appear high up on Google’s natural listings (i.e. without using paid-for ads). I can assess your website and give you advice on how to improve its appearance. If you don’t have a website I can advise you on how to design one – and potentially design & host it for you.

Why pay for adverts when you can get them for free?

IQA (Internal Quality Assurance) support including Annual Monitoring Visit

If you are delivering courses via an Awarding Organisation you will need to provide evidence of an Annual Monitoring visit. Your fee includes an Annual assessment that you can use.

If you also need an IQA on an ongoing basis this can be provided at a discounted rate to subscribers. This can be in-person or remote desktop monitoring.

Discounts on supplies

I have an online store selling bandages etc. at a low cost to start with. By signing up you will get a discount code to reduce the price even further.

Course admin

Once you get busy it can be hard to juggle the different statuses of your clients and their Bookings. I will help you set up the same system that I use to manage my courses, take payments (public courses) and generally minimise admin time.

Policy and Document generation

You will need to write your own Policies to reflect your business, however I am available to proofread and suggest edits.

Illness support and cover

It’s tough working for yourself and you fall ill or have a family crisis. Whilst there are no guarantees, if you are in that situation I will work with you to try and source a replacement trainer – which could be myself. This is a chargeable add-on, but it is better to take the hit than to let clients down.

Sounding board

I am available by email or telephone to bounce ideas off, provide a sympathetic ear and general advice on how to develop your Business. Reasonable usage rules apply.

Costs and charges

Ongoing mentoring and support £100 per month, payable in advance. Initial payment of £300 required to cover first three months, after which it is £100 per month on a rolling basis. Termination notice period after first three months is 1 month from either party. Included:

  • Lead generation – minimum of 1 per month as above. This alone should result in a course profit of at least £200 depending on how much you charge, so £100 net profit per month after the monthly fee. Some months there will be more than one lead. In other words my mentoring will cost you nothing at all. If no leads are generated in a month, no fee is due until the next lead is generated (for the initial fee of £300, the next fee will not become due until at least 3 months have elapsed and also 3 leads have been generated).
  • Annual IQA monitoring visit
  • Discount code for online store
  • Reasonable ongoing telephone and/or email support for the Business, training skills etc.
  • Website optimisation suggestions
  • Document / policy proofreading

Optional extras

  • IQA support. Annual visit included in monthly fee. Ongoing desk-based (remote) support £25 per hour (discounted from standard £30ph).
  • Course delivery cover. If I can find someone to step in, the daily cost is £300 plus mileage at 45p/mile for courses up to 6 hours in duration. Add £50 for courses longer than 6 hours per day.
  • Website design. If you don’t have a website I can discuss designing one for you.
  • Anything else, just ask and I’ll let you know if I can offer it. I don’t oversell. If I can’t, I can’t, but no harm in asking.