• 1 guaranteed lead per month
  • Discussion Forum
  • email Business support

Operational +

  • All in Operational PLUS
  • Login access to all leads


  • All in Operational PLUS
  • Real time email of all leads
  • Desk-based IQA support
  • Document / Policy proofreading
  • Annual Review of website for clarity and SEO


  • All in Tactical PLUS
  • email / telephone / Video Business support
  • Annual IQA assessment
  • Photo library
  • SEO guides – get found on Search engines
  • Comprehensive Annual SEO Report on website
  • Last minute Trainer availability
Level Price  
Operational Membership £50.00 per Month. Select
Operational + Membership £75.00 per Month. Select
Tactical Membership £100.00 per Month. Select
Strategic Membership £250.00 per Month. Select

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  • We guarantee 1 enquiry for a First Aid course per month within 100 miles of your location. Conversion into a paying client is down to you
  • If no lead is provided in a particular month then you will receive the next month's membership for free
  • All leads are non-exclusive - they are sent out to all paid-up members
  • Geographic limitations apply - you must be based on the UK mainland and level with, or South of Inverness


We run a Private Members-only forum to support Trainers and Training Businesses. Within this you can ask questions and we will also post useful information

We can provide you with support in running and developing your Business. Andy has extensive experience in running Private Limited Companies, purchase of other Businesses and dealing with HMRC for Corporation Tax, VAT and PAYE.

All information is provided on an 'as supplied' basis and must not be relied on as the basis for any decision making.

All leads that come in get displayed on our private page. You can log in at any time and contact any enquiries that you would like to quote.

If you want to hear about leads Lives as they come in, upgrade to Tactical or Strategic membership. When an enquiry comes in if will be instantly forwarded to your given email address.

If you need IQA (Internal Quality Assurer) support for your courses (third party QA of courses you run, usually a requirement by an Awarding Organisation you are Registered with) then this will give you that support from Andy

  • Tactical Level membership - up to 1 hour per month support
  • Strategic Level membership - up to 3 hours per month

(additional hours can be purchased separately)

Proofreading of any documents. We will check for Grammar, Clarity and Spelling.

There is no limit to the number of documents we will proofread, however there is a limit of two per month.

Whilst we will Proofread Terms & Conditions and Contracts we cannot provide any legal advice for the document wording. Consult with a Lawyer for that service.

We will review your website and make suggested changes to improve clarity and appearance on Search engines.

  • Tactical Level Membership - 1 assessment per year of up to 2 hours effort. Summary of suggestions provided via email.
  • Strategic Level Membership - 1 assessment per year of up to 5 hours effort. Written report (PDF format) of suggested changes / enhancements.

As leads come in you will be emailed directly in real time so that you can respond immediately. When prospects are looking for a course they usually have an immediate requirement. This allows you to have the details instantly by email and cam formulate an immediate reply.

Up to 5 hours a month helping you develop your Business strategically, whether that is being used as a sounding board, recommendations for development, coaching assistance drafting Policy or Marketing strategy, whatever you find useful.

All Trainers working with an Awarding Organisation or Trade Body need to have an Annual Observation visit. It is highly recommended for those that work independently as well.

You will get an Annual face to face IQA observer who will complete the Observation Report of the Awarding Body that you are with.

Note there may be initial discussion with the AO to confirm they will accept our qualification if we are not already 'known' to them.  They should do, but plan this in to your timescales.

We have a growing Stock Photo Library that you can access for your website Promotional material.

Note that the usage licence is for the duration of your membership. Should you cancel then you will not be able to use the images on any medium.

Whilst we don't know everything as it changes all the time we do know how to get websites noticed for free on Google Search. None of those pesky AdWords fees Our Library contains articles on what you can do to get your website noticed too.

Don't expect immediate results but if you follow these guides you should see a definite improvement in your ranking on Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo etc.

It happens. The most reliable trainer in the world can have a medical issue, a family crisis - or even a flat tyre.

If this happens to you, we will work with you to try and source a last minute trainer. Whilst this is not always possible, sometimes it is, and if it means that you don't let down your Client then there is huge value to that.

Additional fees apply to cover the cost of the Trainer, travel & other expenses.