If you are looking for warm First Aid course enquiries sign up here. These are not Cold Calls, these are individuals and Organisations that have got in touch with us as they have an immediate need for First Aid Training & have found my Business on Social Media or Search engines.

When you join our Newsletter you will receive the daily list of enquiries for you to quote on. If you quote and win, each individual win should easily cover your monthly fee. Not only that, the Client is yours now & forever (as long as they are happy with you, obviously!). Every three years they will come back to you to renew – earlier if they need further training for other staff.

The current list of leads is here and you can hear about them as soon as they come in. It only goes back 60 days for information. In reality you need to be responding within 1 working day, such is the immediacy of the Internet. To be able to do that, you need the full contact details, which are only available to subscribers.


  • One simple Monthly fee, no commission on subsequent Bookings or repeats.
  • They become your Client.
  • Discounted fee for Annual Subscriptions.
  • If you sign up for an Annual Subscription I will review your website for free and provide a Report showing how you can improve direct enquiries yourself. My websites do very well on Search engines, hence why I have this list of enquiries. I can do the same for you.
  • No commitment, you can cancel at any time (no refund for the remainder of the Subscription)
  • Reasonable email support helping you create quotation Templates.

2023 Prices

Monthly subscription – £90 / month, payable in advance

Annual Subscription – 12 months for the price of 10 – just £900 for a whole year PLUS the website review for free

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The small print

  • We provide this list for information only, it is down to you to contact the client, determine their needs and provide a quotation, then follow up.
  • All enquiries are passed to all our Subscribers. You may be competing locally with another Subscriber. Or you may have the quote to yourself. To improve your success rate:
    • Quote fast – prospects may be time-limited and often accept the first quote if it is reasonable. They are looking for a solution Now!
    • Be professional. Create a reusable Quote Template and check the spelling. And the client’s name. It’s very easy to misspell, or get it completely wrong, trust me, and it doesn’t look good!
    • If your quote is by way of an attachment, make it a PDF, not a Word Doc or, heaven forbid, an image. There are plenty of free PDF creators.
    • Include your Terms and Conditions in the quote (Pre-Contract) and also time-limit it (e.g. 30 / 60 days)
    • Follow up your quote a day or two later
    • If you don’t have a Website, register a Domain name and create one – even if it is a simple 3 page site. Clients will check. That also allows you to have a ‘proper’ email address such as Andy@AndyAmazingFirstAid.co.uk rather than AndyAmazingFirstAid@gmail.com. Seriously, do this, it looks so much more Professional. It will only cost you about £10 a year for the Domain, or even free if you pay for Hosting somewhere like Ionos or GoDaddy as well (you must have seen their ads on TV).
  • You can apply to any lead, wherever it is. We do not have ‘territories’ for Subscribers, so if you fancy delivering a course half way across the country, go for it! I am based in Berkshire but have travelled to the South Coast, Anglesey, Cheshire, Cornwall – all because it sounded like an interesting location. Your Hotel and travel costs can be deducted as expenses. Sometimes the customer can agree to pay. Currently (November 2023) I’m quoting for a course in Paris which will have to include expenses if I’m to make a profit!
  • Our involvement finishes with providing this list. If they become your Client they are your responsibility. IF there are any issues or complaints received by us, we will forward them on to you to deal with.